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Dusty; Covered in dust or slightly grey in colour.

Welcome to 'The Dusties' Whisky Club, the home of extraordinary whisky tastings in Bristol and online.


We aim to introduce like minded whisky lovers to some of the rarer whiskies out there. Expect to see old bottles rescued from forgotten cupboards, limited editions long gone, sold out small batches, festival bottlings and distillery samples that probably shouldn't have left the warehouse!


Upcoming Tastings

Here is a list of all the upcoming Dusties tastings. We try and host an event every month and they generally sell out in minutes!  For info on where to get tickets please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or join the Dusties Facebook group. Until further notice all our events will be online and you can catch up with previous tastings on our Youtube channel.

**SOLD OUT** Waterford

April 29th 2021

Stefanie Holt will be showcasing one of the most edgy and forward thinking new distilleries to open in recent years. We'll be indulging in 5 of the first farm releases as well as cask samples.

Waterford is highly collectable and this is a great opportunity to try these whiskies as they sold out incredibly fast.

**SOLD OUT** Bimber

May 6th 2021

Another new kid on the block! Bimber is a London based distillery and we have the pleasure of trying a range of their single casks as well as that devilishly hard to come by Selfridges release...As an added bonus Dan has included his Klub bottle which was only available to members of the Bimber Klub.


Monsters of Peat

June 3rd-6th 2021

We're celebrating all things Islay with 10 tastings over 4 days! Expect the best of independent bottlers in this all out peatfest.


Tickets go live from the 1st of April, check the line ups and release info in our blog t the top right of the page.


July 8th 2021

We'll be sampling a selection of Glendronach single casks including a 25yr port pipe, 26yr PX cask and a 27yr Oloroso cask. If you like sherry casks as much as us then this is the event for you.


Whisky Sponge

July TBC

Because Monsters of Peat simple wasn't enough and you NEED that Indie bottler fix!

We will be tasting through an assortment of bottles created by Angus MacRaild of Whisky Sponge and Whisky Fun fame. I'm especially looking forward to this tasting as I've been following Whisky Fun for a few years now and it's a fantastic resource to get a feel for whisky releases and especially older editions.


August 5th 2021

Daftmill Distillery resides in a converted barn on Daftmill Farm in the Howe of Fife. Classed as a Lowland Whisky Daftmill have been in production since 2005 and use barley grown on their own farm. Because the distillery is so small, one of the smallest in Scotland, distillation is worked around the farming calendar.

We'll be tasting through 7 bottles of whisky as well as new make.


September 16th 2021

Well well well! We're heading to Campbeltown in spirit with a selection of bottles from Springbank.

We'll be experiencing Springbank, Hazelburn, Longrow and Kilkerran, Springbank's sister distillery. There is so much history around this legendary distillery and we'll be finding out about it in September.


About Dan

Dan Bovey has been in the bar industry for over 15 years, most recently making his mark as the Beverage Manager for Hyde & Co Group. 

His love affair with whisky came via a chance visit to the Dalwhinnie Distillery in 2007, after working an event in the area. Since then he's visited distilleries all over the world from Canada to Guyana, Cuba to Iceland.  However it's Scotland that keeps drawing him in. So much so that he's been back every year to explore different areas, more likely than not with his wife Ash, who's also whisky mad.


Club Merch

The reprint of our Dusties Zombie T is b

Club T-shirt: Pink Zombie

The official Dusties club t-shirts are designed by Tom J Newell and printed on eco friendly t-shirts.  This is the first design in neon pink, because who doesn't want a whisky shirt with a neon pink zombie on it?

Available here


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